Orellana Family Patch
It was the last saturday night of 2018 and I wanted to go out and party but I decided to stay in and be productive. I stayed up until 4 am making a few designs and frustrated I didn’t end up liking what I made. About to go to bed disappointed, I layed down and shut my eyes–I saw this design in my dream. I jumped out of bed and immediately began sketching. I didn't like my first attempt and about to can this concept I kept hammering away, brought in a grid and it all to came together. Then two and half hours later, with a little bit of magic and luck, I made this. At that moment the sun was rising.  Satisfied, I fell asleep like a baby that day. 
That following week a friend of mine tagged me in a comment and it turned out dribbble shared this design. this was my debut on their instagram page, and what will later become my gateway on building my social media presence. This is one of my favorite designs I ever made. It didn’t make me any money or anything but I love my family, I’m always thinking about them. I gave a patch to each of my family members as a reminder to not forget where we came from. 
The bird on the patch is a Quetzal, it’s the national bird of Guatemala and can be found on the country's flag. We are an immediate family of 15 strong. *All from the same mama (Debora) & papa (Manuel). My parents were married in 1990. "Dios Te Bendiga" is spanish for God Bless You.